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Choosing the right Gas Fire

The type of Chimney or Flue that you have dictates the type of fire you can have. If you are not sure, then take a look at your roof and compare it with the simple guide graphics below. To help you choose the right fire, each of our enlarged pictures carries a combination of these graphics to show you the compatibility of each fire.

 Brick Chimney

These are easily recognisable by a chimney stack with accompanying
terracotta pot or gas terminal.

 Pre-Fabricated Flue

Identified by a metal flue and terminal on the roof and a metal flue box behind the fire.

 Pre-Cast Flue

Identified by a ridge vent or metal flue tube and terminal on the roof.

Can't see a chimney?

If you can't see a chimney or flue like the ones described above, then you will require either a Balanced Flue, a Powerflue or an electric fire

Balanced Flue

Balanced Flue fires use a horizontal pipe to vent directly outside. An electricity supply is not required for Balanced Flue products.


Powerflue fires use an electronically driven fan unit mounted on the external wall to expel the flue gases directly outside the building.

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